Monday, September 14, 2009

Suitable Mattress for Beds:

After selecting the suitable and comfortable bed it’s a hardest task to buy a mattress for that, there are multiple types of mattresses.

Kapok filling mattresses

Kapok filling mattresses are ideal for persons who prefer to sleep on hard mattresses. But a mattress of this kind tends to get lumpy soon and some people tend to develop allergies to dust and mites in kapok.

Coconut fiber mattresses

Coconut fiber or coir is another option that can be considered. Sponge mattresses are soft and comfortable. Rubber or foam rubber mattresses can make you sweat in hot summers. The more the coils the better, and consequently the more costly. But the fact is, most mattresses with more coils use thinner wires--so there. Don't be fooled! Again, don't let this coil count confuse you; apply the litmus test at once.

Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses filed with either sponge, polyester and kapok filled with latex can
provide you many years of comfort when used with good quality springs.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Types of Beds

The first most important item of the bedroom is bed, it’s the focus of the bedroom, when some one enters into someone's bedroom, and the first thing that catches our attention is, undoubtedly, the bed.

The decoration of the bedroom depends on the type of bed it color design setting right size and type of the bed that fits perfectly into place and many more.
The right bed can change all the décor of your bedroom and can also enhance the beauty and appearance of the bedroom and also the desired level of comfort and coziness. Today I m giving some information on the various types of bed.

Iron bed

Iron beds are available in many design styles from modern to traditional. Most iron beds have the option of being used just the headboard or the headboard and footboard.

Traditional Iron Beds which are antique iron bed reproductions of classic designs used for many decades. Traditional iron beds will never go out of style.

Bunk bed

A bunk bed is a type of bed in which one bed frame is stacked on top of another. The nature of bunk beds allows two people to sleep in the same room while maximizing available floor space. Bunk beds are normally supported by four poles or pillars, one at each corner of the bed.

To get to the second bunk a ladder is used, though taller children often find other faster, more creative methods of climbing into them. The most common type is the standard bunk bed which has two same size mattresses stacked one directly over the other.

Canopy bed

A canopy bed is a decorative bed somewhat similar to a four poster bed.

A typical canopy bed usually features posts at each of the four corners extending four feet high or more above the mattress. Ornate or decorative fabric is often draped across the upper space between the posts and a solid swath of cloth may create a ceiling, or canopy directly over the bed.

Sofa bed

The latest style in the world of furniture has come in the form of the modern sofa bed which can be converted into a bed.

Putting a quality sofa bed can change any room into a nice bedroom. A sofa bed can also known by any name - sleeper, sleeper sofas, sleep sofa, is one of the most versatile and hard working pieces of furniture.

Water bed

The beauty of a bedroom can also enhanced by using waterbeds .Waterbeds primarily consist of two types, hard-sided beds and soft-sided beds.
A hard-sided waterbed consists of a water-containing mattress inside a rectangular frame of wood resting on a plywood deck that sits on a platform.

A soft-sided waterbed consists of a water-containing mattress inside of a rectangular frame of sturdy foam, zippered inside of a fabric casing, which sits on a platform. The effect is to look like a conventional bed and is designed to fit into existing bedroom furniture. The platform usually looks like a conventional foundation or box spring, and sits atop a much-stronger-than-normal metal frame.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Teen Bedroom Decorating Theme

If parents wants to decorate a bedroom for there teenager it’s good to take there ideas and design to decorate the room. It is a good idea to get your teenagers involved in decorating their own rooms. Not only would this show that you trust their opinions, but this would also help them in unleashing their creativity and imagination. If you are helping your teens decorate their bedroom, here are some great bedroom theme ideas that you can share with them.

Decoration the room with colors

The first option is to choose a certain color that you can use in your bedroom. If you love a certain color, you can use it in different shades and the colors that complement it. For instance, if you love pink, then you can use shades of dark pink, light pink, fuchsia and white. Most young adults would love to pick bold colors and bright ones. Vivid colors signify youth and vibrancy. You should allow them to choose the color that they prefer and then you can buy accessories that compliment the colors.

If you and your children have a favorite sport, you can use this as the theme for your bedroom. If you are a big fan of basketball, you can even use basketball hoops that function as a light source to give an element of the game to the room. You can also add sports posters or pictures of your favorite athletes. You can also decorate the room with sports memorabilia as an added touch.

The animal world makes a good theme for a bedroom too. Animal prints are not only making their way to fashion but they can be a great theme for bedrooms as well. If you are an animal lover, you can pick your favorite animal and use it as the key element of design for your room. If you are a pet lover, you can also purchase some accessories and decor that has something to do with cats or dogs or whatever your favorite pet is. You can use bedroom elements such as rags, window curtains and beddings to show your chosen animal theme.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Theme Bedroom Decoration

In my previous post I gave my views about the decoration theme of a bedroom of girls and boys.

In almost every case, the child is being over stimulated by the bedroom decor, there is a direct correlation between the epidemic of hyperactivity in our children and the way their bedrooms are decorated.

Kids can't relax in a bedroom overflowing with toys and accentuated bright primary color. We need to tuck our children into the tranquil embrace of a cozy, serene bedroom that encourages them to calm down and get the rest they need.

When choosing colors for a child's bedroom, use warm pastels or rich colors such as lavender, peach, butter cream, and cocoa.

Change art and decorative themes that are flying, falling, driving, or running around the room to a motif that is tranquil and calm. Serenity is the keynote here, when you calm the bedroom down, you'll calm your child down, too.

Children's bedrooms can easily become overcrowded with toys, games, equipment, and collections. Every item that speaks of activity contributes to keeping the room "awake".

Display a selection of comfort toys, such as stuffed animals and dolls, and store their action-orientated toys out of sight in trunks, closets and cabinets.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bedroom decorating theme for Boys

A decorating theme is a great way to begin decorating a room for a child. If you're like most parents, you've probably spent lots of time thinking about decorating your new child's room even before he joined your family. All boys love to climb, give your boys their play forts to enjoy sleep and play. Smaller bedrooms need creative storage solutions. Create a fun study and hangout for your teen

There are lots of great themes for boys' rooms. A special theme will provide both the focus and the inspiration for a special one-of-a-kind room and can be adapted as your child grows. Time to get started!

Favorite Animals

What boy wouldn't love a room focusing on his favorite pet? Whether it's a dog or cat, bird or snake, using this theme will make your son (and his pet) feel particularly at home. Be sure to put up lots of pictures with your son and his best friend around the room and make sure you have stuffed animals scattered everywhere.

Rustic Cabin

Most every child loves spending time at camp or in the mountains. And what parent doesn't have happy childhood memories of hiking, boating, fishing, or just enjoying the outdoors. Birdhouses, bears, moose, and fish might show up in wallpaper borders, in fabrics, bedding, and accessories. For a rustic room you might also choose comfy plaid patterns, flannel fabrics, and log or pine beds. Accessories might use forest themes of animals, mountain scenes, or natural materials such as pine cones, leaves, and sticks. Take another cue from camp and use a sturdy trunk to store toys. With a room this nice, who needs a vacation?


For a safari look, find wonderful, colorful animal wallpaper borders and fabrics at any wallpaper store. Paint the walls blue, tan, ivory, or any of the colors in your wallpaper border. Make pillows and valances from coordinating leopard-print fabrics, and find some stuffed lions and tigers for the corner. Mount a butterfly net, binoculars, or straw hat on the walls. Use colorful matboard and frame some of your child's artwork to display. Maybe he'll draw some lions!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Theme bedroom for Girls

One can make the normal room to a special room with the fabulous idea, furniture, paint, light setting ,inexpensive materials, fixtures, pictures and many more. You can also give any themes to the room to make it unique.
Theme bedroom can also be made without extensive remodeling, only some good ideas for unique screens; shelving; storage solutions; and displays using contrasting colors, textures, and unexpected everyday objects.

Mix and match fabrics to achieve different looks for a unique style. The designs can include funky florals, bold geometrics or a dazzling assortment of stunning motifs in a vivid color palette, like Harmonies Hues (pink and gold), Silver Spectrum (metallic everything with square lines), Wild Contrasts (safari with very bright colors) Sunshine Shades (nature with bright sunny shades), and Comic Color (comics with super bright colors).

Cool comforters and novelty pillows are a fun and easy way to brighten your room.
Draped beds with unique canopies and dressed windows with decorative curtain holders and strands of sparkling sequins will add even more bling to your room. Glitter, sparkles, and sequins allow tweens to endulge in girliness.

Decorate your bedroom with fun furniture, novelty rugs, pillows, unique lighting, and themed knobs and pulls. Hang decorative shelves, mirrors, murals, prints and posters, there is a variety of unique walls decors available to help you create your diva style bedroom.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Theme bedroom for baby

If parents are planning to make a bedroom for baby its can be made more exited, but they have to take proper care that planning, a baby bedroom can be exciting but remember just don't get carried away in your exuberance. Be creative and innovative as you can, but remember it is the baby’s room.

Parents should always choose soft and harmonious colors, which are restful and easy on the eye. This will ensure that you do not have to redecorate somewhere in the near future once baby grows up. Plaid fabrics in pastel shades will go well with rugs and carpets on the floor and also be in harmony with the green and blue or pink and yellow of the walls.

Cribs or Moses baskets are a must. If you decide to use cribs, the advantage is that its rocking action will help the baby sleep. These are usually made of wood. Moses baskets are lightweight, easy to carry from one room to another and are made from wicker.
The stuffs should be used which prevent the baby from hurting itself. The baby’s bedroom must be away from noise of any kind. The Surrounding of the baby bedroom should be with nature designs and balance the lighting in the room. It does entail a lot of work, but in the long run it is worth it. So have fun and do up the bedroom.